Semi-remorque à rideaux coulissants SERIN 2022 neuf

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Marque SERIN
Modèle 2022
Type semi-remorque à rideaux coulissants
Année 04/2022
Date de 1ère immatriculation 2022-04
Volume 82.36 m³
Poids net à vide 8000 kg
Poids total en charge 40000 kg
Localisation Turquie Selçuklu / KONYA
Mise en ligne hier
ID Autoline PQ12424
Hauteur de la sellette d'attelage 1400 mm
Dimensions de la carrosserie 12.3 m × 2.48 m × 2.7 m
Marque SAF
Nombre d'essieux 3
Dimension des pneus 385/65 R 22,5
État neuf
Informations supplémentaires
Inner Length: —12300 mm
Inner Width: —2480 mm
Inner Height: —2700 mm
Fifth Wheel Height —1400 mm
Volume: —75.4m3
Empty Weight:
Total Weight: —8000 Kg
—40000 Kg
Chassis: —ST 52 Material “I” profile it is produced with gas welding, it has high quality and chassis is suitable for 40000 kg loading capacity. Chassis Color will our standard Black.
King Pin: —SAE standards 3 ½” diameter how is assembled with 8 PCS bolts and is produced from forged 42 Cr Mo4.
Axles: —3 x 12 Serin Brand Axles with closed bearing system.
—Front lifting axle will be automatically lifted after the over loading of the trailer.
Distance between axles: —1380 mm
Brake and Suspension System —Mechanical Suspension
—SACSH brand Shock absorber
—Drum Brake System
—WABCO EBS Brake System
—Automatic Slack Adjuster
—11 level spring life suspension
—Emergency Parking Brake System
—Pneumatically drainage safety valve
Side Walls Dimensions —4 covers 650mm Aluminum side doors,
—Steel pillar
—Sliding curtain sides
Rear Wall: —Rear Door Container wall,
—Aluminum hidden locking system,
—Front Wall, Rear Door, Side Doors will be painted with red color.
Canvas: —1000 g/m2 Sio-Line Brand Coated Panama Canvas.
—Digital printing canvas: (Like Azania –BAKHRESA –JAMBO LOGO)
Roof Profiles: —Special reinforced steel Profiles and roof will be reinforced with the two tensions chains.
Floor Covering: —4 mm thickness chequered plate ,
Landing Gears: —JOST Brand, Having 24 000 Kg Carrying Capacity Two Speed Level Landing Gears.
Tires and Rims: —6 + 1 PCS of 385/65 R 22,5 Tubeless Tires
—Goodyear, Bridgestone or Pirelli 11,75 – 22,5 Plot Rims
Spare Tire Carrier: —Two Spare Tire basket
Boxes: —One PCS plastic tool box,
— One PCS of plastic box for fire extinguisher
— One PCS fire extinguisher
Rings, Chains, Hooks
—4 pieces of public ferries.
—2 x 8 piece side cover installed inside the base mount ring.
Mudguard —4 Pcs plastic type quarter mudguards with plastic edges. —Removable arm mudguards,
—8 connections mudguards,
—Aluminum Hook for pooling the curtain,
Ladder —2.5 m high ladder portable mounted inside the back cover.
Water Tank: —60 liters of Cr-Ni Water Tank Produced with Stainless Steel
Paint: —Material cleaned and grit (metal) material is sand blasted blasting, —2 Floor Epoxy primers are made and the desired color,
—In the final layer is painted with 2 coats acrylic paint,
Electrical Accessories And Lighting —White Colored Corner Lights at Front Left and Front Right. —Five PCS of Amber Colored Lambs at Sides.
—Park Lambs, License Plate Lamb and Triangular Reflector at Rear. —Electrical System is E Approved. 2 x 7 Electrical Sockets.
Accessories —Hub key,
—Axles Bolt Nut key,
—Tool box keys,
Laser Graphics —Digital laser printing will be made according to company logo,
Reflector —Rear Door, will be covered with reflecting stripe
Rear Bumper —Suitable for RO- RO transporting
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